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Opening and registration from 1 March 2022 to 30 September 2022.

The Judges

Ray Studio

Ray is a professional modeler. His customization and painting work on the GM SNIPER PRO allowed him to win the 21st All Japan Ora-Zaku Championship in 2018.

EHL Studio

Eli created in 2017 EHL Studio to share his creations. He has participated in many competitions including the Ora-zaku, a prestigious tournament where he won the silver medal in the SD category.
He recently started using his knowledge to make custom Musume.

Selphie Jhuang

Freelance artist with an impressive track record, specialising in Musume models.
This is not his first competition as a judge!

Duck Fly Hobby

DuckFly Hobby

A professional and passionate modeler, he has been practicing different styles and techniques for years and loves the challenge.
He is regularly published in the Hobby Japan ver. Taiwan.
He also has a very good knowledge of the Musume sphere.

Nico Suratos

A builder and youtuber from the Philippines who shares builds and tutorials on her Youtube channel! She has won many contests since she was 8 years old!
She is also the daughter of the very famous Don Suratos.

Gunpla Spot

Gunpla spot is a fairly recent Youtube channel, opened following the health crisis.
You can find on his channel well worked custom, always accompanied by a diorama to give a unique atmosphere to his works.

Captain Grochat

A former art director in the graphic arts industry, he decided to focus on YouTube and social networks to share his passion for new technologies and Gunpla through videos! 

Rise Of Gunpla

Organizer of the event, we are a shop specialized in Gunpla since 4 years and we have a shop based in Paris.
We were the first in Europe to try the experience of a physical shop.
We are also official dealer of the brand Kotobukiya.

The sponsors

In order to provide lots to the greatest number of people, we have called upon brands that we trust and with whom we are partners for our store.

ARMORED KOMODO is a brand from the Philippines that aims to innovate the world of painting and hobby. They are known for their "Chromaflair" range. 

DSPIAE aims to redefine precision tools to new heights.
The main products are cutting pliers, hand tools (such as hand saws, files, etc.)
Recently, the brand has released its own paint range.

GUNPRIMER is a high quality Korean brand that produces safe products for beginners and effective products for professionals. The main products are sanding systems, but also tools for scribing.

KOTOBUKIYA is a very prestigious Japanese brand specialised in figurines, models and derivative products. The brand owns very famous licences such as Metal Gear Solid, Phantasy Star Online, Zone Of the Enders, Mega-Man etc.
The brand has also succeeded in creating over the years totally unique licenses such as Hexa Gear, frame arms and Megami Device!
It is one of the pioneer brands in the field of Mecha Musume.

Contest rules and details

Date of competition :

Registration date: 1 March 2022 to 30 September 2022
Judging date: 1 October 2022 to 10 October 2022
Results: 15 October 2022

Categories :

Mecha Category Trophy

Custom Mecha

Trophy Category Musume

Musume Custom

Trophy in the Straight build category

Straight Build

Judging Criteria :

Category Mechas - The judging criteria will be as follows:
- The overall level of work
- The quality of the paint
- The creativity

Musume Category - The judging criteria will be:
- The overall level of work
- The quality of the painting
- The creativity

Straight Build Category - Judging criteria will be as follows:
- Overall level of work
- Cleanliness
- Photo quality
- Concept (pose, staging, etc)

Settlement and eligibility :

- The competition is open to all countries.
- Candidates under 18 years of age must have the agreement of their legal representative to participate in the competition.
- The work must be made by the candidate who presents it.
- The work may not exceed the size of 50 x 50 x 50 cm.
- Candidates must provide 4 photos of the finished build: Front/Left/Right/Back.
- 2 additional photos including the pass must be taken during the realisation of your project (beginning and end). You can download the pass here.
- Candidates can put 2 additional photos to highlight certain aspects of their work.
- It is quite possible to participate in several categories at the same time with different works.
- It is forbidden to participate more than once in the same category.
- The use of a work made before the competition is forbidden and will result in disqualification.

Mecha category:
- Any model can be used as long as it stays within the mecha universe and is not counterfeit.
- Unlicensed resin conversion kits are not allowed.
- Scratchbuild and Kitbash are encouraged.
- Painting is mandatory.
- 3D printing is allowed up to 20% of the finished project.
- The diorama is not mandatory and will not incur any penalties. However, it does offer a bonus.

Musume Category:
- Any model can be used as long as it stays in the Musume universe (girls) and is not fake.
- Scratchbuild and Kitbash are encouraged.
- Painting is mandatory.
- 3D printing is allowed up to 20% of the finished project.
- The diorama is not mandatory andwill not result inpenalties. However, it does offer a bonus.

Straight Build Category:
- Any model can be used as long as it stays in the mecha universe and is not a fake.
- Painting is not allowed except for panel lining.
- 3D printing, kitbash and scratchbuild are forbidden.
- The diorama is not compulsory and will not incur any penalties. It will not bring any bonus.
- The addition of parts from other kits is forbidden
- The addition of stickers and decals not coming from the original box is forbidden.
- The addition of plaplates or scribing is forbidden
- The addition of LEDs is forbidden.
- The use of support (action base type) is allowed.
- Varnish finish is allowed.

Further information

In the event of a breach of these rules, the organiser is entitled to disqualify the offending candidate without notice and to recover the prizes awarded.
Throughout the competition, the organiser may contact the candidate for various confirmations.
Failure to respond to these contacts may result in the disqualification of the candidate.
During the confirmation process, additional images of the work may be requested.
Failure to provide the additional images requested may result in disqualification of the applicant.
Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they have the right to use any set pieces produced by third parties or found on the internet.
Entrants have the right to enter a design submitted in another competition if the organisers of that competition allow it and as long as it was made during the period of this competition.
Winners will also have the opportunity to display their work in our Parisian shop.
For people under 18 years old who want to participate, a waiver from their parents will be required. 

Confidentiality Agreement

By registering, candidates authorise RISE OF GUNPLA to use their personal information for the following purposes:

  • The management of registrations for this competition.
  • Correspondence with the candidates, for verification and information on the progress of the competition.
  • Display of achievements with the applicant's name (and other profile information) and other uses.

    Except as detailed in these rules, candidates' personal information will not be shared with third parties without the candidates' permission or legal obligation

Prizes to be won

Custom Mecha

1st: 400€ in cash + Trophy
2nd: Perfect Grade of your choice *
3rd: Master Grade of your choice* (150€ maximum)

Musume Custom

1st: 300€ in cash + MD Asra Nine Tails Homura + Frame Music Girl Hatsune miku + Trophy
2nd : Lot A.T.K Girl Jinyiwei (021 & 059) +FAG Handscale Stylet XF3 low visibility + MD Asra Tamamo no Mae
3rd : Lot of 30 Minutes Sisters + FAG Handscale Stylet + FAG handscale architect 

Straight Build

1st: £100 voucher + Governor Ignite Spartan + Trophy
2nd: Bandai Real Grade of your choice* + Governor Queen's Guard
3rd: Bandai High Grade of your choice* (maximum £40) 

The first 5 in each category will also go home with a prize offered by our sponsors (tools, paint, etc.).
More details on the content of the prize will be given later during the event.

*While stocks last, excluding P-Bandai and Gundam base.


How to enter the competition?

Before registering, please read the rules and conditions of the competition.

Once you have chosen the category for which you wish to participate.
Do notforget to take photos of your work at the beginning and end of the project with the Pass visible (printed, screen...) on them. You can get the pass below:

Don't hesitate to share your creations on social networks, good luck and good luck to all!

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