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The plastic model "RG EVA-04 Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion Unit 04" from BANDAI SPIRITS is now available!

The 4th machine, which was built at NERV's North American branch and is said to have been wrapped in silver armour,
finally arrives in the RG series!
Although Unit-04 is never seen in the series, promotional materials and other appearances make it appear as a silver or chrome version of the Evangelion Unit-03.

The impressive colouring of the body is reproduced with the colour of the casting, the main silver part uses a metallic colour.

A large dedicated shield is included with a new model. The surface part that covers the front is reproduced by clear casting.
In addition, you can enjoy various poses by reproducing the skeleton, which can be considered a feature of the "RG Eva" series, which realizes various weapons, optional parts and movements specific to the human body.

The parts of the chest, abdomen and back are interwoven with multiple armour when bending forward or looking up. In particular, a large range of motion is provided by the large movement of the chest parts.
Reduces the interference of armour when bending the knees. Successfully expresses the joints like a human by depressing the back parts of the knees like real muscles.

The inner parts fit together when the neck is mobile. The natural pose and expression can be reproduced.
The interlocking of the inner frames allows the expression of the shoulder and arm joints in torsion. Impressive crouching poses can be reproduced without breaking down into a form close to nature.
When the legs are opened, the muscle-like internal parts work together to create a natural standing position.

Contents of the RG EVANGELION UNIT-04 set:

  • Unity of the body,
  • Shield,
  • Progressive knife, x2 types (normal and stored)
  • Paddle gun,
  • Umbilical cable,
  • x6 pair of hands,
  • Realistic sticker sheet .

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