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RG 1/144 HI-NU GUNDAM RX-93-2

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In stock

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The Hi-Nu Gundam, seen in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children", Bandai releases a brand new RG model kit, full of details!

The Hi-Nu features a multi-link gimmick that slides the armour with the movement of its joints; parts of the armour can be slid to the side to expose the internal mechanical frame. Bold poses are possible by rotating the top waist base up and down!
The wooden armour has a connecting joint, and its new design means that it does not impede leg movement. The legs have a greater range of movement than before. The arm beam gun has a gadget that extends when the wrist is pushed down.
The neck parts are movable, and the container has a gimmick that expands the flipper funnel to make it look like a wing.
The advanced MS joint allows you to maintain the shape of the fin funnel when shooting, and various interchangeable weapons and hands are also included.

RG 1/144 HI-NU GUNDAM contains:

  • Rifle with beam
  • New Hyper Bazooka
  • Shield
  • Spoked sword (handle x3, blade x2)
  • Handpieces (left and right, x3 each)
  • Weapon holder (right)
  • Realistic stickers

Find the RG range [ here ].

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Weight 1 kg

3 reviews for RG 1/144 HI-NU GUNDAM RX-93-2

  1. titilind67 (Confirmed customer)

    Great kit, I'm new to Gunpla and I think it's very nice even if the price is too high!

  2. Tran Guillaume (Confirmed customer)

    An INCREDIBLE kit in terms of rendering/quality for a really ridiculous price compared to the quality of the gunpla, it's one of the most beautiful RG I've seen and very satisfying to assemble with a manual translated into English that makes it even easier to understand the assembly
    //DISCLAMER\\: Try to assemble maybe 2-3 miniatures before this one to get the hang of it before building this one to avoid making potential mistakes

  3. Hoel Jamault (Confirmed customer)

    An exceptional kit, at the time of writing this review I have put together about 50 kits and this kit surpasses them in almost every way.
    The kit is full of gimmicks and armor parts that can be opened, almost perfect part separation and even undergated parts for a smoother and easier build.
    The only two real flaws that can be found in this kit, and again it's debatable, are the gold parts that look disappointing and the fact that the weight of the wings means that without the tanks to support it, it has a hard time standing.
    But despite that, the kit is a must-have for the range, and for gunpla in general.

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