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Release date December 2023 Japan.
Delivery January 2024 Europe

Please note that the release and delivery dates are indicative.
They may be subject to change in case of production delay, delivery delay.
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The long-awaited plastic model of the large mechanical beast!
The world popular game "Horizon Forbidden West" features a plastic model of the most fearsome mechanical beast, ThunderJaw!

Measuring approximately 380 mm in length, this is one of the largest models in the MODEROID series!
The high density details of the whole body have been meticulously reproduced. Every joint is movable, the neck and tail can be swung thanks to extractable joints.
Reproduction of the laser cannon sculpture of the mouth, the discus launcher and other characteristic weapons. PVC material is used for the parts of the band that connect the machine gun on the side of the head and the body.
Also reproduce an alternative version of your model: the head, torso and tail can be reproduced in a partially destructive way by removing some parts.
Pre-mounted snap joints are used for the hip joints to support the huge body.
Water transfer decals included.

Assembled plastic model - not to scale - about 380 mm high
Design: Mizuho Town Design Team

Find the Moderoid models [ here ]

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Weight 1 kg


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