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The MG 1/100 BARBATOS (TITANIUM FINISH) from the Iron Blooded Orphans anime, whose white armour has been changed to a Titanium finish and the other colours changed to metallic.

Automatic translation of the Japanese description :

From "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans", Gundam Barbatos appears with a luxurious titanium finish!

4th form The frozen colour of the exterior is faithfully reproduced with the colour of the mouldings. The density and amount of information in MG is overwhelming.
The Gundam frame, which is the internal structure, examines the room's decorations in depth and reproduces the details. Silver plating is used for the cylinder.
The Ahab reactor on the chest is equipped with a rotating gimmick for the first time as a MG.
The movable shaft built into the upper body allows the inner frame, cylinder and armour to work together. This produces a dynamic pose.
The cylinder on the shoulder reproduces the mechanical structure that follows the extraction movement. You can express the aggressive Barbatos pose.
The knee can move together with the frame and the cylinder. By pulling on the parts at the back of the knee, the range of motion is extended and a natural standing knee is possible.
Reproduce the swing to the left and right and the movement of the hip joint axis in the waiting posture. You can take advantage of the characteristic overhanging waiting pose.
Three types of handpieces are included and can be replaced. The weapons are designed to be attached to the palm of the hand with the fingers of the weapon holder.
Mace can slide the grip and tip.
The smooth bore barrel has a sliding/folding gimmick. Continue playability with a locking mechanism.

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