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The High Grade KYOUKAI SENKI 1/48 FULL MECHANICS MAILeS KENBU is an articulated plastic model of the anime Kyoukai Senki.
Kyōkai Senki, "War Machines on the Borderline" is an anime from Sunrise Beyond scheduled for October 2021.

In 2061, the world is divided into four economic blocs that spend their time fighting each other.
Because of its important geographical position, Japan is the focus of many clashes between AMAIMs, gigantic humanoid robotic weapons.
In addition to fighting, the AMAIMs also patrol the streets and maintain control over the Japanese population, which is thus enslaved by several states.
Active, but outnumbered, the Japanese resistance fails to achieve conclusive results, until one day Amou Shiina obtains Kenbu, an unusual AMAIN... (synopsis: )

KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN is in charge of supervising the Mecha Design of the mobile armour in the series.


From "Amaim Warrior", which started airing in October 2021, the main character, Mailes Kembu, has been added to the FULL MECHANICS programming! By configuring it in 1/48 scale, the chassis structure is included in the plane to make it three dimensional!
Reproduce the up and down action of the rear skirt arms. It is also possible to direct the boarding of Shiiba Amou.
The portable cannon is partially textured to express the high density detail of the surface mould.
Amou figures are also included, with standing and seated knees.
"Super hot arm type battle claw" and "dagger with shield" are included and can be installed by rearranging.
The legs, which have achieved a wide range of movement due to the special structure, are equipped with a gimmick that can remove the armour from the knee when it touches the ground.
With the metallic 3D sticker, the colour of the limb sensor mould can be chosen from "green" and "red".
The Kembu Mails armour comes with a mechanical frame and armament being assembled. Can be reproduced by replacing parts.
This first production product comes with the first limited clear exterior. The inner frame mould is transparent and can be assembled to a finish that resembles a mechanical design.


  • 60 mm hand-held gun x 1
  • Super Heat Swing Straight Combat Sword × 1
  • Super hot arm swing type combat claw × 1
  • Armoured dagger x 1
  • Weapons rack x 1
  • Handpieces Flat hand (left and right), weapon holder (left and right), weapon holder (left and right)
  • Pieces to reproduce the unfinished state x 1 set
  • Pilot figure x 2 types
  • 3D metallic sticker x 1
  • Marking sticker x 1
  • Limited first time clear outer parts x 1 set

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