HGBF 1/144 ZZ II

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The HG (high grade) is the most extensive and popular range of the gunpla
In 1/144 scale for the majority of the range, these kits offer a better amplitude of
movements and easier poses!
Find the ZZ II from the Gundam Build Fighters series and relive the
best moments of the anime!


. Sheet of stickers on a chrome background

- Beam Launcher
-Beam Saber


Out of stock

Let me know when the item is back in stock.

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1 review for HGBF 1/144 ZZ II

  1. Jamault (Confirmed customer)

    A good high grade with a few problems, notably the fact that it is rather unstable due to the shape of its feet, which could be attributed to its age but in fact the kit was released in August 2016.
    Overall a nice kit though, with a transformation and some gimmicks. And also a good size, at least one or two heads bigger than most HGs.
    Just a shame that there are quite a few stickers to correct the colour of some parts.
    I recommend for a beginner or Zeta gundam fans.

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