Choose your favourite MS from the first GUNDAM ARTIFACT volume! These mini kits interpret the Gundam MS in an industrial style.




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Rick Dias Ex-S Gundam Hi-Nu Gundam Nightingale Byarlant Custom
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Choose your favourite mobile suit from the first GUNDAM ARTIFACT volume! This series of miniature collection models interprets the Gundam Mobile Suits in the style of industrial products with colours and details reminiscent of resin garage kits. A little treat accompanies each model.

This first GUNDAM ARTIFACT series consists of 5 popular MS from the Universal Century of the Mobile Suit Gundam licence.

The size of the MS is approximately 55 mm. Each box contains a model of a mobile, consisting of about 50 parts, with a high density mechanical design.

GUNDAM ARTIFACT can not only be light orange moulding colour, but also transparent (red) which is a rare colour.
※ The colour of the product inside the box is random. You will get a transparent version if you are lucky!

Contents and models of GUNDAM ARTIFACT. Choose one of the following mini plastic kits:

- Mini Plastic Kit + - A chewing gum

  1. Rick Dias
  2. Ex-S Gundam
  3. Hi-Nu Gundam
  4. Nightingale
  5. Byarlant Custom

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Weight 0.600 kg

Rick Dias, Ex-S Gundam, Hi-Nu Gundam, Nightingale, Byarlant Custom


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