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Yukumo is the newest member of Kotobukiya's "Arcanadea" series of SF and fantasy based posable figure kits!
It is based on the illustrations of popular artist necomi, who is very active in game illustration and VTuber character design.

The pieces can be recombined to present it in its "normal" non-combat form and its "Wirise" combat mode. The pieces use 3mm joints, so they can be used in combination with other original Kotobukiya series.
Four interchangeable pad printed faces are included, as well as water-based decals to create your own expression for her.
Her pigtails can be moved independently with ball joints, and an engagement ring is included!
The magic circle pieces on her back use hexagram joints with a 3mm hole in the center, and are compatible with the other magic circle pieces in the "Arcanadea" series.
You can change the angle of the skirt parts (shimenawa) on both sides of its back by connecting the shaft to the base, and the bell and paper parts connected to the shimenawa are equipped with ball joints for mobility.
Its legs in normal mode have extractable nee joints, which allow both beautiful leg lines and a wide range of motion.
His special staff weapon is included, and all staff rings can be moved independently; his sword is also included. His majestic tail can also be moved, with its three-layer structure and ball-and-socket joints!
A special holder is included, with a special joint to connect to the tail.
A special wrist joint to hold her weapons is included, and she also has six pairs of interchangeable PVC hands.
She can use the "M.S.G" series weapons, as well as the "Frame Arms" and "Frame Arms Girl" series weapons. She can also wear the heads of the "Frame Arms Girl" and "Megami Device" figures thanks to the interchangeable neck part!

[Figure size]: Approximately 15.5 cm high
[Materials: PS, ABS, POM, PVC (non-phthalate)

Find the Arcanadea models [ here ]

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Weight 0,600 kg


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