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ROG CONTEST FOCUS #1: Introducing Nico Suratos!

Welcome to the first Rog Contest FOCUS!
We plan to do several articles during the season to introduce you to our judges and to clarify some points of our great contest!

And it's Nico Suratos, one of our judges who starts!


Review of the Mars Pro from Gravastar!

Today, we are going to test something that is out of the gunpla domain but that seems so great for mecha fans, that we couldn't resist to present it to you!
It's a bluetooth speaker from Gravastar!

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Bootleg or Bandai?

Bootleg or not Bootleg such is the Question 🙂 Here I take one of the posts of Mr KAWAGUCHI on this subject.

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Fun to build Gunpla : Welcome to all!

Hello everyone and welcome to our site!
You will find here all the news about the Gunpla, the Japanese releases, reviews about different Gunplas, tips, videos, photos and viewers galleries.

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